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We are pre-selling our garlic this year!
In 2013 we started out by planting 500 beautiful cloves of Music garlic, and have since expanded to over 7,000! We have been selling a small amount each year, keeping most to replant. We are now extremely excited to have enough to offer to the public and are aiming to pre-sell all of our garlic not destined for regrowth. With its characteristically large bulbs, each with 4-6 easy-peeling cloves, and a very rich and spicy flavour, Music has really been our favorite variety to grow. Everyone who has tried our garlic has come calling for more and until now we have not been able to keep them supplied. We use deep organic growing methods, though are not certified as of yet.
View the video for more information, and to see our planting methods.
We sell our garlic by weight:
500g  for
1 kg for
5 kg for
10-50 kg for X$/kg
50 + kg for X$/kg
For planting bulbs, please visit our nursery page