Mushroom Logs and Spawn

Shiitake Mushroom Logs


Pricing:  $25/log  3+ $22/log


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About the logs:  These are sugar and red maple logs with very productive strains of shiitake already growing in them, and ready to produce mushrooms . These are high quality logs that, if kept moist through periodic soaking, will produce lots of mushrooms year after year (see Maintenance for more information). I cut the logs myself in the winter so they are sustainably harvested. Each log is about 6″ in diameter and about 2.5 feet long. They are large sized logs, but not too big to handle. I also have some 3 foot logs that I can cut in half, which are much lighter.

Yield:  They will produce 2-3 times per season for 3-5 years! Each time you should get 15-30 mushrooms. Harvest them when the cap starts to disconnect from the stem.

You can dry the mushrooms them for winter use. You can also bring a log indoors into a cool room and harvest mushrooms in the winter. Once it has produced, take it right back outside.

Where to keep your logs: Outside. In a very shady spot of your yard or garden. Not in contact with soil.

Maintenance: Soak the logs in water for 24 hours 2-5 times during the summer to keep them moist. lf it is a drier summer they will need 4 or 5 soakings, if it is a wetter one, fewer. You can feel if the log has lost its moisture by lifting it.  During the winter, you will want to protect the logs from wind. To stimulate the log to produce you should soak it for 24 hours and then give it couple of forceful hits on the end of the log with a mallet (hit the wood on the end of the log, not the bark). This shocks them into producing.

Wine Cap Stropharia Spawn


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5.5lb bag for $25   This is enough to inoculate a 5 foot by 5 foot  (25 square feet) bed of woodchips, or several bales of straw.

Refer to Paul Stamet’s book Mycelium Running, or attend my comprehensive Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation workshop to learn how cultivate outdoor mushrooms.

How to grow Wine Caps in a nutshell:  Create your growing bed in a spot that is partly shaded. Use freshly chipped woodchips (not more than 2 weeks old) from any tree other than cedar. To start, place a layer of cardboard on soil or grass (less ideal), and spread a 1-2 inch layer of woodchips on the cardboard. Spread a third of the spawn evenly over the woodchips. Add two more layers alternating between chips and spawn. Add one more thick layer of chips on top.

IMPORTANT: Water each layer of chips very well while constructing the bed.