Road Runoff Rainwater Garden

This job sought to beautify an entrance into a private property as well as to manage and make best used of rainwater runoff coming from the road. A series of swales capture the water that enters the ditch and will passively irrigate the plants that will be planted along the swales, allowing them to flourish. The remainder of the water flows to fill a shallow rainwater pond further down.

A hugelkultur mound was created in the back north side of the garden to put to good use the brush lying around in close proximity. This mound also creates a backdrop for the garden. The slope was terraced; and rocks dug in the excavation were positioned. The pond soon filled up and the water eventually cleared. A small foot bridge will be built to cross from the road across the ditch. The planting, of mostly native and some edible plants  is scheduled for Spring 2016.