Who I am


Jonah Neumark

Landscape designer, plant producer, plant breeder, farmer, mushroom grower, educator, and artist.

I design and implement edible and ecological landscapes and do land planning through my company Neumark Design.  I am also a specialist in hardy edible and perennial plants, including plants for food forests and permaculture landscaping. I operate my plant nursery in Quebec at Terra Perma.  I have worked with Action communiterre, on organic CSA farms, with plant nurseries, and in the field of construction. I have been working with plants ever since I saw the bonsai trees at the Montreal Botanical Gardens at the age of 11. In 2008, I discovered permaculture and have been working in this field since. My passions for bonsai, plants, nature, art, and food have naturally converged into my work creating edible and ecological landscapes. My landscapes are designed to produce high yields as well as to be natural and creative.

I enjoy experimenting and growing crops that are little known in Canada and Quebec and trailing many different varieties. Last year, I began plant breeding with all the varieties I have collected since 2008. I hope to develop more cold tolerant, disease resistant, tasty, and productive crops for a number of different species over the next 5-10 years.  I also like using the produce I grow to experiment in the kitchen.  I love trying new dishes and preserving food, including using drying, smoking and fermentation. I spend time collecting mushrooms, wild foods and natural medicines in the wilderness.  I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others through workshops and consultations.