Stone Staircase on a Very Steep Slope

The descent to this lake in the heart of the Laurentians is so steep it was difficult to walk. The plan was to tie in a switchback stone staircase with 5 terrace landings. Several hundred stones, which were collected from around the property during other excavation works, were placed one by one starting at the dock all the way up the hill.  This is about the steepest slope one could work on with an excavator and Zack, the operator, had to build several temporary terraces to sit the machine on while working.

The result is one awesome staircase with an easy descent for people of all ages. It is a fun and eye-opening experience to go for a swim or to takeout the canoe as one gets to stop and take in the view at the different elevations on each terrace.  It also offers a few opportunities for areas to sit and relax on the rocks and have a nice conversation. The lowest and largest  terrace was conceived of to be able to put in a fire pit or barbecue and some benches for a group cookout by the lake.

This zone will be planted with mostly edible and native shrubs and some dense perennial patches of flowers,  herbs, and berries along the staircase and around the edges of each terrace.